The Straw Partners With PETA

For thousands of years the drinking straw has been a part of human history. However, with the global population fast approaching 8 billion people and the negative effects of single-use products creating masses of waste, The Straw has set forth with a mission on helping to save the planet from wasteful plastics while keeping people & animals healthy/safe.

"The Straw is meeting kind shoppers' demand for sustainable products that match their values," says PETA's Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. "As single-use plastics pollute the oceans and endanger the wonderful aquatic animals who call them home, PETA is proud to partner with The Straw, as it empowers people to make kind choices for animals, the planet, and future generations."

The Straw is an environmentally-friendly, premium, portable, reusable straw with a compact case that provides the luxury of a quick rinse on-the-go! This easy to clean portable straw is made of quality rust-proof 304 grade stainless steel that will last you years and years, replacing thousands of single-use straws.

Bert Balas, CEO of The Straw, says, "Partnering with PETA, the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters, was a no-brainer. What their organization is doing to help rid the planet of wasteful plastics is exactly The Straw's mission. We are excited to work with them and their community of business partners to help raise awareness and change the world one straw at a time!"

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