Our Mission

To Inspire A Sustainable Future

For thousands of years the drinking straw has been a part of human history. From rye grass to mass-produced, single-use, paper and plastic, the straw continues to evolve. With 500 million single-use straws being used every day in America alone, imagine how many single-use straws are used every day around the globe. Now is the time for our most important improvement of all, the reusable straw!

Global population is fast approaching 8 billion people and the negative effects of single-use products are not difficult to see. Large masses of waste, some twice the size of Texas, float across the sea. Plastic shopping bags caught in trees, stuck on fences, and rolling across the road like tumbleweed in a post apocalyptic world. Fast food bags, containers, and cups scattered across parking lots and piled up next to litter barrels. The trash that successfully makes it to the bin only ending up in landfills to be buried or burned. Out of sight and out of mind to the masses does not reduce the damage that is done. The environment, habitats, and wild life that suffer are part of the same ecosystem that we depend on for food, water and air. It is now more critical than ever that we come together and take a good hard look at the state of our planet! Before it's too late!

The single-use plastic straw may be considered "low hanging fruit" of a much larger problem. However, this is one small step that will lead to giant leaps for mankind! It only takes a hand full of people to step up, lead by example, and start a movement! Carry The Straw with pride! Be a leader and part of something bigger than yourself! Teach others how to make sustainable choices and keep it close as a reminder of the main objective; to inspire a sustainable future!

The Straw