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Why The Straw

The world population is fast approaching 8 billion

500 million single-use straws are being used every single day in the United States alone. Some professional studies claim a slightly lower number and others say 500 million is an understatement. Regardless of exact statistics, we're only talking about 4.25% of the world population! All studies aside, it is quite clear that the world is suffering from our pollution.
As governments step in and ban single-use plastic straws around the world, some are turning back to 60 year old technology, the paper straw. Though this may be slightly better than single-use plastics, it is still a single single-use product. This requires a great deal of energy and resources to continually replenish the demand of billions around the globe. Harvesting resources, manufacturing, packaging and transportation of billions of straws world wide is still missing the point of developing sustainable practices.
When you rise to the occasion with a reusable straw, you're not only reducing damage done to the environment, but also taking a responsible stand to inspire a sustainable future.

Be cautious of cheap, poorly made products and inadequate designs that are difficult to clean.